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18w ABR Plus 7″

  • Quick Start, Constant Flow, Easy to Install, Dust Proof.
  • 50,000 Hours Life Spam.
  • 80 % Energy Saving, Prevent Electricity Leakage.
  • Aluminum Die-cast Heat Sink
  • Extra Brightness with Top Quality “SANAN” SMD Chip.
  • Powered by Constant Current Driver (CCR Technology)
  • Driver Covered Material PC ( Flame Retardants)

18w Executive 5″

  • Flexible And Easy To Install.
  • Life Span 20000 Hours.
  • Extra Brightness-Constant Current Driver.
  • SMD Chip Used ‘SANAN’ Top Quality Brand.
  • Aluminium  Dai Cast Heat Sink.
  • Driver Cover Material PC (Flame Retardent)

Moon Light 18w


Made from innovative 3D technology, the moon light is admired by customers having need of decent indoor lighting ideas. 3D Moonlight measures 15 cm in size and looks an awesome addition to your bedroom or drawing room area.

The most important question that comes in your mind is battery backup. Moon light is set to have an 8 hours backup if you charge it for about 6 hours and use a dim brightness level. It consists of a 500 mAh battery fixed inside.

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